Custom Digital Car Image T-Shirt (Unisex)

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Have you ever wanted an image of your own car on a t-shirt or know someone who would love a gift like this? Well, here's the item for you! With a purchase of this product, you will send us an actual high resolution image of the vehicle you would like to have the illustration done for. Our design team will take the image and convert it into a digital drawing. Then, we will print it on to a black or white t-shirt and send to you in the t-shirt size requested. It's as simple as that.

A few things to note:

- The image you provide us is the image that will be used for the illustration so make sure you take the picture from the angle you desire. Taking the photo outdoors during the day is best. The higher the resolution and the clearer the photo you send to us, the better the digital image will be. Also, if the background is plain, that also helps us produce a better image.

- The image can be made in color or black and white.

- If your your vehicle is black in color, please choose a white shirt.

- Once you purchase the item and send us the image, processing time will take 2 to 3 weeks to digitize, print and mail the shirt to you. There is no way to speed this up.

- See images in our listing to see examples of previous customer t-shirts. 

- Any vehicle manufacture or product logos will be modified in order to avoid any trademark issues.

- Since this is a custom service, no refunds or exchange options are available.

- The t-shirts used will be a soft cotton, high quality blank.

If you have any questions, please contact us first.