7 Ways to Use You Suck at Parking Cards

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‘You suck at parking’ cards are great for dealing with the parking frustrations that inevitably arise from time to time. Whether you live in a bustling city like Houston or in a neighboring town, other drivers are likely going to piss you off with their poor parking skills or meanness sooner or later, and ‘you suck at parking’ cards are just what you need to let off some steam. There are many scenarios in which you suck at parking’ cards can come in handy:

  • When another driver parks his or her car in your reserved parking space, just in front of your house or apartment building.
  • When, after spending a few hours in a mall, department store, or some other shopping or entertainment center, you return to the parking lot only to find your car surrounded by one or more poorly parked vehicles that make it hard for you to drive home.
  • Whenever other drivers rudely and carelessly park their cars in front, behind, or along yours, making it difficult for you to get into it or to start it, although they have plenty of space around you.
  • When a particular driver keeps making your life hard by parking his or her car in the most inappropriate places around your home.
  • When you want to let a colleague or neighbor know what you make of their poor parking skills without telling them directly, face to face. By leaving an anonymous you suck at parking’ card on their car’s windshield when there’s nobody looking, you can get your message across while avoiding a verbal argument or worse, a confrontation.
  • Whenever the situation requires it, that is, whenever another driver parks their car in the wrong place, or leaves their car where they should not for days on end.
  • When you want to play a practical joke on a friend who has poor parking skills. Be warned, though, that most you suck at parking’ cards may be a little too insulting for such a prank. If you want to give such a card to a friend, choose a lighthearted one.

As you can see, you suck at parking’ cards can come in handy in a variety of situations, which makes them a good solution for dealing with most parking problems. At Supercarshirts.com, we offer you a quirky collection of supportive as well as offensive business cards, including ‘you suck at parking’ cards. Browse our catalog and take your pick!