Turn Parking Problems Into Amusements With “You Suck At Parking” Cards From Supercarshirts.com

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Parking is pretty bad everywhere, and Houston is no exception, nor is Texas. You’d think that in Texas, the country’s second largest state, there is plenty of parking space, yet Texans have to deal with them on a daily basis. How many times have other people annoyed you with their outrageous parking? How many times they’ve blocked your car, scratched it, or even taken up your reserved parking space? The good part is that you can new reward bad parking habits with “you suck at parking” cards.

Introducing “You Suck at Parking” Cards

You suck at parking” cards are a kind of offensive business cards that cannot go unnoticed. They are the same size and shape as standard business cards, but there’s a twist to them – instead of your name and phone, they feature a trenchant, often humorous message that expands on the “you suck at parking” idea, making it clear to the person who has annoyed you with his or her parking that they need to up their game a bit. The appeal of “you suck at parking” cards is that they are convenient to use. You can leave them on the windscreen of a car, or between the handle of a door, and when the car owner returns to their vehicle, they are bound to find them.

Quirky and roguish, “you suck at parking” cards enable you to “reward” those whose crazy parking stresses you even when you don’t have the opportunity to speak with them face to face. And anyway, don’t you think that, when you are really annoyed, it’s better to make your thoughts known through offensive business cards rather than by getting into a verbal argument or worse, by starting a fight with them on the street?

Imagine that you get into an argument with another driver over parking. You know you are right, but he or she stubbornly refuses to acknowledge it. They park their car awkwardly in a bad place and then walk away. You don’t have to leave them unpunished. You can use “you suck at parking” cards to make your point. Although they can be sharp and even rude, “you suck at parking” cards offer you an effective and elegant way to address parking problems without the stress or inconveniences of verbal arguments or physical confrontations.

But Them Now

If you want to get your hands on some “you suck at parking” cards, we at Supercarshirts.com offer you a collection of discrete yet amusing cards printed on heavy card stock with a nice UV coating. The front side delivers a clear message while the back offers a neat graphical interpretation, just to make sure they really get it. Order now ten “you suck at parking" cards for just $4,99!